Executive Director’s Message

The Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre is more than just a building. Dedicated to UBC’s alumni, it’s a campus home for life and offers the resources to support an ongoing and mutually beneficial relationship with the university.

As well as being a showcase for the collective history and achievement of the UBC community, the alumni centre provides a warm and inviting context for the kinds of intellectual and social exchange that give rise to new ideas, friendships, and opportunities. This is a place for celebration, learning, dialogue, career enhancement, mentorship, innovation, personal growth, and cultural enrichment.

And what a location! The centre sits right at the heart of the action on UBC’s Vancouver campus. As can be expected with a thriving university, the campus has grown and changed at a rapid pace, and what used to be familiar territory for many UBC grads has become much harder to navigate. But the essence of UBC is the same – teeming with talent, creativity, debate, and fun. There is always something new to discover.

From first-time visitors, to returning alumni, The Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre is a starting point and welcome centre – in effect, UBC’s front door. But you don’t need to knock. Just walk straight in and make yourself at home.

Jeff Todd
Executive Director, alumni UBC
AVP, Alumni


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