UBC Hong Kong Alumni

A special relationship of fellowship and collaboration has existed for many years between alumni in Hong Kong and their alma mater. Representing one of the largest alumni communities outside Vancouver and the Okanagan, UBC’s Hong Kong alumni are among the university’s most engaged and influential. The community continues to evolve, building on the strong foundation laid by those who came before.

Over 40 years ago, a number of dedicated alumni in Hong Kong came together to form the Hong Kong Alumni Association. The Governors imagined a strong alumni community in support of UBC. This work paved the way for dedicated volunteers who continue to contribute in their areas of interest as mentors, advocates and generous donors. The Hong Kong Alumni Meeting Room, made possible by the donors listed below, is a space for alumni, faculty, students, staff and friends to collaborate, connect and engage. Located in the Graham Lee Innovation Centre within the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre, the Hong Kong Alumni Meeting Room associates this group of alumni with Entrepreneurship at UBC (E@UBC), an initiative that inspires and encourages entrepreneurial thinking to create innovative commercial and social ventures. The room will be used by students and young alumni, who will be inspired by the leadership and innovation demonstrated by so many of our Hong Kong alumni and whose start-ups will benefit from mentorship by business and community leaders.

UBC gratefully acknowledges the following donors for their generous contributions which helped make the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre possible:

Alan Au-Yeung

Hazel C.Y. and Wilson W.S. Chan

Steve P.W. Chan in honour of Stephanie S. Chung

Victor and Genie Chan

Ignatius K.K. (Iggy) Chong

Sanford W.K. Chu

Huaren (Warren) Dou

Fok Ying Tung Foundation Limited, by Ben C.Y. Fok

Yvonne Y. Ho

Byron Khoo

Helen P.J. Kwan

Tai Wai D. Lam

Josephine Lau

Ricky Lau and Olivia Ford

Peter Lee

Kenneth Leung

Silvia and Brian Li

Susanne and Gerald Ma

Louisa Ng and Vyin Ng

Maggie Phan

Ken Poon

Francis Pun in honour of Joseph and Teresa Pun

Prem Samtani

James Herbert Stewart

May Mok in honour of Won Mui Tam

Alex KC Tam

Stephen Hay-Feng The

Katherine U

Norman F.L. Wong

William W. Wong

Cynthia Wong

Brian Yiu

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