What does the Student Event Ambassador (SEA) do for us on our wedding day?
Can I bring in my own alcohol?
Loading Bay, restrictions, tips, and general rules
What does my DJ/band need to bring in? Can they connect to the in-house sound system? Can I have smoke machines?
Do I need a dance floor?
What do I need to do as a client at the end of the evening?
How am I eligible for an alumni discount?
Can my dog be part of my ceremony?
I want to bring in some special desserts and giveaways. Can I do this?
Can I bring my own homemade wine?
Do you provide day-of wedding coordination?
Can I have a ceremonial fire?
Corporate Events
Some important measurements
I’m a UBC alum, can I get a discount for my company?
What does a student event ambassador do to support my event? Can I have them help manage my presentations?
What are the AV capabilities for my room? Do I need an onsite technician?
How does parking work? What are my options?
What does drop delivery mean, and can I arrange to have any caterer deliver food to my meeting or event?
Can I bring in water bottles, other drinks, snack trays and other food items for my meeting or event?
I want to bring in a caterer who is not on our list for religious or cultural reasons. Can I do this?
I would like to bring in a special late-night snack. Can I do this?
Can I have a food truck at my event?
I want to put parking instructions on my event invite. What do I need to know?
Can I prepay for parking for my guests?
Can we have a valet?
When do I get my refundable damage deposit back?
Can I pay with two separate cards?
When is my second payment due?

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