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By Pamela Yan

The University of British Columbia is honoured to recognize the generous contribution of TD Insurance toward building the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre.

TD Insurance has a proud history of supporting higher education and continuing professional education through awards, scholarships and event sponsorship.

Since 1949, the year the company was created by Jean Meloche in Montreal, TD Insurance has worked with its university, college and professional association partners across Canada to develop tremendously effective and successful affinity insurance programs nationwide.

After a growth and acquisition period in the 1970s and 80s, TD Insurance, then called “Meloche,” became the sole Canadian brokerage firm to own both brokerage and underwriting entities, and in 1991 the company was renamed Meloche Monnex Inc. In 2000, with offices located across Canada, the company became a member of the TD Bank Group and was renamed TD Insurance.

TD Insurance has become the number one affinity insurer and largest direct-response insurer in Canada, employing over 4,000 individuals and offering insurance programs to close to 900 university and college alumni and associations, as well as councils, orders and professional associations.


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