Bill and Risa Levine Classroom
Polygon Homes Classroom

Two classrooms are located on the second level directly behind Jack Poole Hall. The Polygon Homes Classroom  is 590 sq ft and the Bill & Risa Levine Classroom is 500 sq ft. These rooms work perfectly for meetings, workshops, breakout space and as event support. The Bill & Risa Levine classroom has direct access to the catering kitchen and can easily transform into a catering prep area. Both rooms feature built-in audiovisual services.


  • Polygon Homes Classroom: 20 (traditional classroom seating)
  • Bill & Risa Levine Classroom: 24 (traditional classroom seating)

Call us at 604 822 1922 or email us at – we can provide rates and suggest the best spaces for your needs.

Audio Visual

  • 1 x HD projector
  • 1 x Recessed motorized screen

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