alumni UBC & DAE Events

The Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre is UBC’s premier event rental facility. We offer our DAE and alumni UBC colleagues a pro rated internal pricing rate. This rate can be applied to any alumni UBC or DAE lead meetings or events along with the following types of partnerships with your faculties:

  • Reunions
  • Tri Mentorship Programs
  • Career Programs
  • Donor appreciation events
  • Student event that include an alumni presence
  • Alumni Partnerships programming

We do ask that a DAE or Alumni staff member be the point person when booking under this rate. If you have a meeting or an event that you are unsure if it fits this criterion let us know and we can chat about the details. We always try to make it work and can put together a detailed quote based on your needs.

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Below is a snapshot of our discounted rental rates for alumni UBC and/or DAE internal bookings only. Room bundle rates may be applied, connect with us and let us know about your event needs and one of our venue specialists will put together a custom package.

20% alumni discount is not available on alumni UBC and/or DAE sponsored bookings.

Jack Poole Hall, 6am – 5pm min 4 hours $200 per hour Wong-Trainor Welcome Centre, 5pm – 1am min 4 hours $150 per hour
Jack Poole Hall, 5pm – 1am  min 6 hours $225 per hour Robert H. Lee Family Boardroom $55 per hour
WestJet Lounge $15 per hour Koerner Family Terrace or Achievement Lounge $30 per hour
Meeting Rooms Complimentary Classrooms $25 per hour


  • Any booking more than  8 hours receives a 20% discount on the hourly rate
  • Evening rates apply to any booking that ends after 5:00pm
  • Half Jack Poole Hall (NORTH or SOUTH) bookings are $50 per hour less than above rate.
  • Staffing charges may apply to the meeting rooms, lounges, or classrooms if booked outside of operating hours
  • Classroom rentals are reduced by 50% when booking with Jack Poole Hall
  • Koerner Lounge rentals are reduced by 50% when booked with Boardroom
  • Prices vary on Friday Evenings, Weekends, and Stat Holidays
alumni UBC or DAE Event FAQs
Rental Information for alumni UBC or DAE Rental Rates
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Can I bring in my own alcohol?
What are the AV capabilities for my room? Do I need an onsite technician?
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