wedding guide

Decor, Displays & Digital Signage

You may not nail, tack, tape or affix items (including signs) to walls or windows. Connect with your venue contact to arrange for easels and letter-size sign holders. With written permission, you can use 3M removable hooks on our walls.

Please also note that you are also responsible for removing all décor, signage and displays at the conclusion of your event. In the unfortunate event of any damage from installation or removal, repair charges will be billed to you.

rigging points

Unfortunately, we don’t have any rigging points in our ceilings. Items (including string lights) can’t be hung from the ceiling without written permission.

pipe and drape

Please consider the location of the AV projector screen from the ceiling to ensure there isn’t any blocking if a slideshow is planned. If located at the front of the room, suction from our air ventilation can  pull fabric to the wall. Consider weighing it down with thicker material or using an angled six-foot table, without blocking the air vents (note that there will still be a drag against the drape).

Floor Mats & Coverings

All bars, meat-carving and coffee stations, temporary kitchens, and clearing stations set up on carpeted areas must have protective mats and floor coverings placed beneath and around them.


Animals or pets are permitted in the Centre. Please consult with your food service provider to ensure that they can also allow this within their licensing. If you are hosting an event where animals are on display and/or for sale, please contact your venue contact for written approval in advance.


Due to  potential problems from released balloons, a minimum $200 retrieval fee will be charged if a helium balloon is released inside the Centre.


Candles are permitted on tables as long as they are in votive containers (containers must contain flame and wax). Unfortunately, candles aren’t allowed on window ledges or staircases.

fireworks & smoke machines

Fireworks, smoke machines, or sparklers can’t be used anywhere inside or in areas immediately surrounding the Centre. Unfortunately, they will trigger the fire alarm and your event will need to be evacuated.

Here are a few answers to frequently asked décor questions:

  • Unless you have a runner, real flower petals aren’t allowed on your ceremony aisles as they can stain the carpet; we suggest silk flowers if you wish to have them.
  • Any stains will be taken out of your damage deposit.
  • You are welcome to bring in any décor items and rentals that you wish.
digital signage

The Centre has four monitors: one on the main level beside the elevators; three on the second level (elevators and north and south sides); and one on the third level beside the elevators.

The monitors can either all display the same image(s), or each can display a different image.

Digital signage, which is controlled by UBC Communications, must be submitted five working days  before your event (unless otherwise notified). Technical specifications and detailed instructions for the digital signage are listed below.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to accommodate last-minute changes to signage. If you find that the sign you have submitted no longer suits your needs, we can switch off the TVs.

Suggested layout and content: We allow up to six images to be submitted. They can appear on a timed rotation (not a slide show). Most guests will pass these as they proceed through the hall. We don’t recommend using these displays for seating charts as small text can sometimes be hard to read and you may not be able to make any last-minute changes.

Location of 52” screens: Next to elevators on Lower Level and Levels 1, 2, and 3. and outside of Jack Poole Hall’s north and south doors.



Content can be created in these programs:

  • Windows PowerPoint
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Gimp (open source)
  • Corel Draw

All content must be PDF or JPEG files with dimensions of 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels, and a resolution of 300 dpi (dots per square inch).

Images not meeting specifications may be returned for reformatting, or may not be added to the programming.


For Windows

To create slides:

  • Select Blank Presentation.
  • Once the file is open, navigate to the Design tab in the tool bar.
  • Select the Slide Size > Page Setup…
    • Size sized for: Widescreen (width: 13.333”, height: 7.5”).
    • Orientation: Landscape.
  • Click OK.

To save slides as PDF:

  • Go to File > Export.
  • Select Create Adobe PDF — under Options, select format PDF.
  • Click Publish.

For Mac

To create slides:

  • Go to File > New Presentation.
  • Once the file is open, navigate to the Design tab in the tool bar.
  • Go to Slide Size > Page Setup…
    • Size sized for: Widescreen (width: 33.87 centimetres, height: 19.05 centimetres).
    • Orientation: Landscape.
  • Click OK.

To save slides as PDF:

  • Go to File > Export.
    • Format: PDF.
  • Click Export.

We recommend text size to be a minimum of 24 point font for clear viewing. Please keep text to a minimum.

Our screens can play videos in the following formats:

Windows Media Video 9 .wmv

Windows avi .avi

MPEG-1 .mpg

MPEG-2 .mpg (only in 720p resolution)

The following formats will not work:

Quicktime .mov

Flash Video .flv



They must also be at least 720p (1280×720 pixels) at 30 fps (29.97). Movies must be of sufficient quality to ensure proper playback on the screens.



When you email your venue contact with your PDF/JPEG file please:

  • Include a start date and end date of your event and time.
  • Include the desired duration per slide(s).

Files must be submitted five business days before the event. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate last-minute changes.