wedding guide

Timeline & Rehearsal

key dates

90 days prior to your wedding: The final payment is deducted from the payment method we have on file and a receipt will be emailed.

Two weeks prior to your wedding: Please email the event form to your venue contact. [**we need to create this form**]

Five business days prior: Please submit your digital signage (if requested) to your venue contact for programming.

Two weeks following your wedding: We will refund your damage deposit and charge any linen rentals, galley and damage fees (if applicable).

wedding rehersal

All clients are welcome to book a one-hour wedding rehearsal dependent on the availability of the venue. You may place a tentative booking on a date at any time. Please note that we cannot confirm your rehearsal date until two weeks prior to your wedding date. Any tentative holds may have to be rescheduled to accommodate other booked events. Wedding rehearsals during office hours are encouraged; anything booked after our building closes at 6 pm on weekdays will have a staffing charge of $60. To book tentative rehearsals, please contact your assigned venue contact.