wedding guide

Safety & Security

At the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre, we strive to create a safe and secure environment for your guests and our staff. All evening rentals after business hours include one security guard. In some cases, additional guards may be deemed necessary with a potential fee.

During your event, you and the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre team will work together to ensure its success. Please continue to update your venue contact or the day‑of venue staff if any new situations arise or if your event activities change, keeping in mind the following:

  • Do not leave personal belongings and valuables unattended, as we cannot be held responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • If you have any concerns regarding safety and security, please immediately notify Security and the venue staff.
  • Potential protests or unrest that may occur during your event.
Medical Emergency

In the event of a medical emergency, always contact 911 first, followed by alerting any Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre staff of the need for emergency first aid. The facility is equipped with a defibrillator.


All indoor and outdoor spaces within an eight-metre perimeter of all UBC buildings are non‑smoking. This is in accordance with UBC Policy No. 15 and Vancouver Health By‑Law 39535. Electronic cigarettes and cannabis are subject to the same policy.