Corporate Guide

Loading Bay


Please note that our front desk operates Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm, and on weekends from 10 am to 4 pm. All deliveries must be coordinated during this time, and must be delivered the day of the event. All delivered items must be picked up on the day or evening of your event.

Any deliveries and pick-ups required outside of this time will need to be coordinated in advance.

You must connect with your venue contact and provide a detailed timeline including delivery or pick-up times. If scheduling permits, we may be able to arrange next-day pickups. However, this requires approval — do not assume that we can accommodate. Fees and penalties may apply to events that do not adhere to this.

Advance deliveries and receiving shipments prior to or after your event date aren’t permitted due to limited storage space, unless authorized in writing by the venue contact. Storage and labour fees may apply.

Loading Bay

The Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre has a loading bay and some designated short‑term parking for vendors. This is short term only.

We have a total of 2 loading bay stalls, 4 parking stalls and  3 accessible stalls. IF YOU HAVE A LARGE EVENT, you will need to create a loading plan with your vendors. See our FAQ.

All vendors must register their vehicles:

  • during operating hours with the front-desk reception.
  • during off-hours with our onsite venue ambassador. To reach them, call 604 842 2754.

Please make sure that your first task in the building is registering your parking — we aren’t responsible for any parking tickets issued by UBC. Once the load-in or -out is complete, vehicles must be removed from the loading bay.

Please note that no load-ins can occur in the accessible parking stalls. Vehicles can incur a hefty ticket if parked



Building Floor Access: All levels

Number of Elevators: 2

Dimensions: 6 feet length, 4.5 feet width, 7.5 feet height

Weight Restrictions: 1,000 pounds

There aren’t any freight elevators in the building. Tables that are seven feet or larger don’t fit in the elevator and must be taken up the stairs.

Set-up Time

Your event booking includes your load in and load out time. Additional time may be arranged  for a fee. Please connect with your venue contact for further details.

Tear-down & Removal of Materials

Tear-down must begin immediately after the event. All items must be removed from the premises the night of the event. If you need to extend this deadline, there is a minimum $150 storage fee.

Please note that you are responsible for the removal and disposal of any and all decorations, displays, signage, boxes, furniture, equipment, supplies, rentals, food and beverages, refuse, and any other materials or property you bring into the Centre for your event. Cleanup and overtime charges will apply in the event of unsatisfactory removal and disposal of materials; see your contract for more details.

Personal Items

The Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre won’t be held responsible for lost or damaged personal items. If you require special arrangements, please discuss them with your venue coordinator prior to your event.