Corporate Guide

Payments & Cancellations

Full venue rental payment is due prior to your event. Details are provided via your contract.
Items that may be included on your contract include:

Damage deposit

Note that damage deposits may be added to your contract during the planning process. Your venue contact will discuss this with you if it is needed. Refunds will be processed within two weeks following your event. We will refund your damage deposit minus any applicable cleanup or overtime charges, damage fees, and AV, linen, or other rentals that had been added.


Five per cent GST will be applied to all events. This includes all UBC–sponsored events.


All private non–UBC sponsored events must have Special Event Insurance with a $5 million liability coverage. alumni UBC has partnered with SBC Insurance agency to offer this service. We have negotiated a blanket policy, including a reduced rate per event. alumni UBC will add the insurance cost to the final bill of each event and remit this fee directly to SBC. You may choose to provide your own insurance. If this is the case, it must have a minimum $5 million liability coverage. This must be submitted to the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre Booking Office prior to your event date.


The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN) requires users of music to obtain a SOCAN license to perform, or authorize others to perform, copyrighted music in public. The price depends on the guest count, and if there is dancing or not. Details will be available on your contract. We remit this fee directly to SOCAN.


The Re:Sound Music Licensing Company (formerly known as the Neighboring Rights Collective of Canada) is a Canadian not‑for‑profit music licensing company dedicated to obtaining fair compensation for artists and record companies for their performance rights. While SOCAN collects fees on behalf of composers, authors and music publishers, Re:Sound collects fees on behalf of the rights owners of the sound recordings. The price is depends on the guest count, and if there is dancing or not. Details will be on your contract. We remit this fee directly to Re:Sound.

Payment Methods

Payment for all rentals is accepted by cheque or credit card (Visa, MasterCard) and UBC EFT. We don’t accept UBC Journal Vouchers or Amex.


If you need to cancel your event, please provide us with written notice. Cancellation fees will apply as follows, based on the timing of written notice and the scheduled event date:

Notice given prior to event date Percentage of the rental fee
From time of booking to 365 days prior 10%
181 days to 364 days prior 25%
91 days to 180 days prior 50%
90 days prior or less 100%


If you require an event date change, please let your venue contact know and we will do our best to accommodate this within reason. Administration fees may apply.