Corporate guide

General Info & Venue Staffing Support

your sales representative

Will work with you on booking a site tour, creating an event estimate, building out contracts, preliminary floor planning, and assisting you with venue-related questions along the way.

your venue contact

You will receive an onboarding email from one of our team members about two to four weeks before your event date (this may come earlier for large conferences or galas). This contact will work with you on any floor plan changes, and ordering supplies such as linens, AV, or other additional rental items. If you have questions prior to this, please connect with your sales representative.

Day‑of Venue Staff

One of our day-of student event ambassadors (SEA) will be onsite to greet you, your planners, and vendors at the venue. They will provide you with a business card with their name and a phone number to call or text them if you need anything. Their job is to assist you with questions about the building and will assist with basic AV set-up and any last-minute floor plan adjustments that may be required. Please note that we don’t always have venue staff onsite for the full duration of your event or for small meetings. In cases where there is a scheduling break, our front desk or a team member will have the event phone on  hand and be able to assist you if anything comes up.

Planning Site Visit

If your event requires your team and vendors to come onsite for any pre-planning, AV testing or other reasons, please arrange this through your venue contact or sales representative. We recommend doing this within the month leading up to your event. We will do our best to accommodate this site visit around our existing booking schedules.

social media

The day‑of venue staff may take photos of the setup and event for our social media and website. Please let us know if you would like your event to be excluded from our marketing materials, website, Instagram and Facebook page.

You may receive additional requests for permission and images from our social media team.